Matthew Mocniak – Human Centered Designer

Design + Motion

Experimenting with motion in design

Switch Flip.gif

01 - iOS Toggle

A simple iOS-level interaction to help me get the hang of Principle.


Music Card HiFi - Pull Up.gif

02 - Apple Music

This is an experiment with the playful inertia found in the Apple Music app. You’ll notice a subtle bounce to the Now Playing bar when a track is dismissed to the bottom of the screen.

To replicate this behavior, I redrew the Apple Music app in Sketch and animated the scene in Principle.

Music Card HiFi - Scroll.gif

03 - Status Bar Interactions

Another subtle interaction to show how the status bar changes when a lighter background is behind it to maintain legibility.



04 - Product Selection on a Map

Building on other techniques to show off a bottom-up interface across different states. Selecting a product from the list brings the item into focus on the map and collapses the list to the bottom of the screen.