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Incarnation Site Case Study

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What is it
Incarnation is a local church serving the Frenchtown and Levy Park communities of Tallahassee, Florida. My PEAK & VALLEY business partner and I designed a new website and reimagined the communication strategy for the community.


Incarnation was growing, but their newsletter, website and branding was not well developed to match their growth. Through our design strategy firm, we set out to reimagine the church's website and communication strategy in order to unify the experiences as one.

Our process began by interviewing the leadership team and those responsible for communication. We asked questions about their content, viewership metrics, and how they would like to engage more effectively with their membership. 

Based upon feedback from those interviews we researched examples of popular websites that balanced information between their website and communication strategy. 

After presenting these examples, we set out to design a clearer path to navigate the website and integrate new members into the community through the newsletter. 

The website was redesigned using Squarespace and included updated photography taken by my business partner. We opted for a lightweight design that promoted the website's content while remaining simple and optimized for mobile devices. We made all key information accessible from the home page. 

The website has now been live for eight months and sees an average of 185 unique visitors each month, almost double the number of active members in their congregation.  

Through this updated website the leadership team has revamped their external communication process, now relying on technology to update information and promote events in the community. 
Finally, we were able to update the church's podcast hosting solution by moving away from SoundCloud and integrating it instead onto the Squarespace site. This saved the church the cost of a monthly fee and simplified the content delivery of their podcast. 

You can view the final website here. ⇢


Website Design


Newsletter Redesign

The updated newsletter design fosters a cleaner design and contains summarized information that can be found on the church's website.